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Here’s a link to my new translation project for Hakuouki DS! All of the related updates will be there. After I get about half way on Hakuouki… Or start getting bored with it, I’ll switch over to working on Arabians Lost for a bit (enough to get it off the ground), then come back.

The Projects I’m planning on translating

Hello all.
I figure I may as well give you a list of games I may or may not translate. If you’d like to comment on which ones you’d enjoy translated… Well that’d be just nifty. <3.

Anyway, here’s the short list.

Saga 2 Hihou Densetsu Goddess of Destiny (サガ2 秘宝伝説 ゴッデス オブ デスティニー)
Arabian’s Lost (アラビアンズ・ロスト)
Arcobaleno Portable (アルコバレーノ!ポータブル)
Saga no Gabai Baachan (佐賀のがばいばあちゃんDS)
Kaitou Rousseau (怪盗ルソー)
Kokoro wo Yasumeru Otona no Nurie DS (大人の塗り絵DS)
Kokoro wo Yasumeru Otona no Nurie DS 2 (こころを休める大人の塗り絵DS 2)
Kokoro ni Shimiru Mouhitsu de Kaku Aida Mitsuo DS (こころに染みる 毛筆で書く 相田みつをDS) Though the home page is broken, take a look at what you can do… Here
Touch de Tanoshimu Hyakunin Isshu DS Shigureden(タッチで楽しむ百人一首 DS)
Hakuouki DS (薄桜鬼DS)

I would also LOVE to translate the PSP version of Growlanser (and/or PSP Tales of Phantasia), but I’d NEED a hacker on that. I dunno if my hacker would be willing to put up with PSP format stuff ><.

In general this space will be used for general translation notes. I will create blogs for each individual project to make finding patches easier. Looking for hackers.


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